Chit Chat with Kirstine Kærn

Kirstine Kærn, Vice-President of Humanistisk Samfund, Denmark, a member organization of Humanist International. She is also a blogger, podcaster and writer. She sold everything she owns and travelling around the world meeting, talking to humanists, freethinkers and atheists, sharing their life stories, struggles through her interviews with them which will be podcasted on her ‘Babelfish’.

Topics Covered:
1. Kirstine’s background and journey towards Humanism.
2. Anti-vaxxer movement.
3. Godmen, astrology, and separating superstition from culture/religion
4. Judicial systems in dealing with Human rights violations.
5. Sexual abuse in churches of Denmark.
6. Social democracy in Denmark.
7. Impact of policies based on Humanistic values in Denmark and general society.

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