Ride for Reason – a documentary | on Superstitions, Pseudosciences in India | Released on 10th December 2019- Human Rights Day

India has recorded many deaths from the past few decades due to unscientific and irrational beliefs like superstitions, pseudosciences, etc. To address and bring awareness among people, we made a Documentary on the journey of a few young Humanists.

Film & Narration: Bharadwaj Munimanikyam
Editor: Nishanth TH
Special Thanks to Babu Gogineni
Publicity Designer: Nirbhaya Media
Motion Graphics: Shakthi Graphiste
Riders: Viswanadh Jayanthi, Rave Darwin, Raavan, Nastik Surya, Naga Kishore
Location Courtesy: Portafilter Coffee House, Madhapur, Hyderabad. (World’s first Humanist Cafe)

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